Hector Garza

In a survey of 342 people, the following data were obtained relating gender to political orientation:
Republican (R) Democrat (D) Independent (I) Total
Male (M) 80 53 35 168
Femal (F) 89 70 15 174
Total 169 123 50 342

A person is randomly selected. What is the probability that the person is:
a) Male?
b) Male and a Democrat?
c) Male given that the person is a Democrat?
d) Republican given that the person is Male?
e) Female given that the person is an Independent?

A) (male total/ Total people)= 168/342= .491

B) (male D)/(Total people)=53/342=.1549

C) (male D)/(total D)=53/123=.431

D) (male R)/(total male)= 80/168=.4761

E) (female I)/(total I)=15/50=.3

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